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McNamee Hosea Adds Principal Garth Beall to Firm Managers Group

We are pleased to announce the addition of Garth Beall to our Firm Managers Group. Mr. Beall joined the firm 1996, as a law clerk, and after graduation from University of Maryland School of Law, he was hired as an associate. Mr. Beall was named a Principal of the firm in 2001.

In addition to practicing law in the areas of commercial real estate, mergers and acquisitions, general corporate and franchise and intellectual property law; Garth serves as the Manager of Renard Development Company, LLC, the developer of Greenbelt Station (a finalist in the competition for a new FBI headquarters). He is also a Manager and Co-Founder of Urban Bar-B-Que Systems, as well as Vice Chairman of Ledo Pizza System, Inc.

Mr. Beall is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association. He has received awards throughout his career including Restaurant Association of Maryland, Restaurateur of the Year and Baltimore Magazines Top Young Attorneys in Maryland. "His history with our firm and his management experience and expertise make him the ideal selection for this role as a Firm manager," says Stephen Hosea, McNamee Hosea's Co-Founder and President. None of the members of the Managers Group, which includes Stephen C. Hosea, Milton D. Jernigan II, and James M. Greenan, have any current plans of retirement. The addition of Garth Beall to this group is simply the first step in adding additional younger principals as managers in preparation for the eventual succession in years to come.