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Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Maryland: How Will it Affect You?

Craig M. Palik | February 2017

When it comes to filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, clients have a number of questions and concerns regarding the process and the affect the filing will have on them personally. Craig M. Palik, a top Maryland and Virginia bankruptcy attorney, answers some of the most frequently asked questions and explains the ins and outs of how filing personal bankruptcy affects you. Full Article
Business Debt: Options for Small Businesses Struggling Financially

January 2016

Bankruptcy may be a viable debt relief option for businesses that struggle financially. Businesses that struggle financially are not alone. According to recent data from the American Bankruptcy Institute, there were 30,018 commercial filings during calendar year 2015, a 14 percent drop from 34,749 filings during the same period in 2014. Full Article