Diversity and Inclusion



To create and maintain an environment that promotes and fosters a culture that meets the needs of a diverse workforce that includes race, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, creed, physical or mental condition, and disability in order to address the needs of an equally diverse community of clients.

McNamee Hosea is continuously seeking highly-skilled associates and staff from a wide range of racial, ethnic, cultural, and social backgrounds, as well as developing and implementing initiatives to recruit, retain, educate and promote personal and professional growth among a diverse organization.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Goals:

  • McNamee Hosea is dedicated to fostering an environment composed of diverse individuals from all backgrounds. As a result, we strive to recruit individuals from a wide pool of whom we believe will develop and become exceptional professionals. It is our belief that by doing this we will strengthen the quality of the legal services that we provide. 
  • McNamee Hosea makes a concerted effort to interview and hire diverse candidates who have the highest qualifications and skillsets, while also considering academic and professional experience achievements.
  • The firm seeks to ensure that its employees are well educated on the importance of diversity and inclusion within the workplace. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee has curated a monthly newsletter that delves into varying topics related to diversity and inclusion. We are dedicated to providing continuing education opportunities for our employees at McNamee Hosea.