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Steps for Opening a New Business on the East Coast in 2014

December 2013

If you haven't already, now is the time to establish your New Year's resolutions. Do you want to get more exercise or travel to a new place? How about that business idea you have had mulling around in your brain for the past few years? Maybe this year is the time to start a new business venture. Full Article
Television Show Writer Claims Wrongful Termination

December 2013

During the holiday season, the last thing than either an employer or an employee wants to deal with is a layoff or termination. However, reductions in force are dictated by market fluctuations, regardless of the calendar date. Sometimes, the free market may require an employer to make an adverse employment action around the holidays. Full Article
Holiday Parties and Workplace Harassment

December 2013

We recently discussed the workplace discrimination allegations made by Miami Dolphins player Jonathan Martin. Regardless of the outcome, the NFL player’s case is notable because it demonstrates that harassment can potentially occur in any work setting. Full Article
Employee Handbooks can Proactively Address Family Issues

November 2013

As many parents might agree, having a child brings many changes to a person’s life, not the least of which is work scheduling. For example, mothers with a newborn that are returning to work may require regular breaks for pumping breast milk. That new fact of life may continue for several months. Full Article