McNamee Hosea News & Press — 2016


Individual Employment Status: Dancing Around Employment Qualifications

March 2016

The problem of whether an individual qualifies as an employee or an independent contractor has plagued employers for quite some time. An employer undoubtedly may believe that an individual they contract with is not an employee of the business; however, the Courts have taken a liberal approach in defining the factors that qualify that person to be "employed." Full Article
Guidance Addresses "Joint Employment" In Temp Worker Situations

January 2016

Where virtually all successful businesses are concerned, a qualified workforce is a necessity. Depending on the nature of the business it is possible that a company could use a variety of approaches to secure the necessary workforce. One approach used by some businesses throughout the United States is temporary or contract workers. Full Article
Classification of NFL Cheerleaders an Issue in Wage and Hour Case

January 2016

In an earlier post we discussed the fact that over the course of the last 15 years, wage and hour claims have risen dramatically. In that post we mentioned that misclassification could be one of the reasons for the increase. Because it is possible that people engaged in a variety of occupations could file these claims, many different types of employers could find that they are defending against wage and hour claims. Full Article
Public Relations Firm Closes Following Sexual Harassment Claims

January 2016

Many people were likely shocked when public relations firm FitzGibbon Media suddenly shut down last month. They may have been even more shocked to learn the reason for the abrupt closure. The closure of the public relations firm, that worked with many progressive movements, came after multiple reports surfaced that the president of the firm was sexually harassing female employees. In two cases he was also accused of sexual assault. Full Article