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What Are The Possible Solutions to a Wrongful Termination Claim?

Employers that terminate an employee under complicated terms or after a contentious dispute can find themselves facing a wrongful termination claim filed by that employee. Whether a claim is legitimate or not, employers could be very nervous about what the ramifications of the complaint may be.

If an employee is pursuing a wrongful termination claim, employers need to know that they have the right to defend their actions and work toward a satisfactory solution either inside or outside the courtroom. Identifying and pursuing these remedies can be very complicated, but legal representatives can help employers determine what may be in their best interests.

There are many potential ways that a wrongful termination can be resolved. 

  • Pay damages: In some cases, an employer's actions will be proven to be a violation of an employee's rights and the employer will need to pay statutory or punitive damages.
  • Prove that there are no grounds for a legitimate claim: Employers can prove that there were lawful reasons to terminate an employee and no violation occurred in the firing.
  • Severance package: While not required, severance packages can be developed as a way to resolve a wrongful termination claim without going through the legal process.
  • Negotiate a settlement: When any claim is filed or about to be filed, employers and a former employee can work together to compromise and develop a settlement that both sides agree to in order to avoid costly and lengthy litigation.

Finding the best resolution to a wrongful termination claim can be legally complex and overwhelming. This is why it can be so helpful to consult an attorney familiar with state and federal employment laws. Resolving these matters can be difficult, but there are ways to minimize the negative consequences and avoid costly penalties. 

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