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Study Finds Maryland Not at Top of List for Employee Lawsuits

In the case of any business it is likely at some point it will find that another party has taken legal action against it. The reasons behind these lawsuits vary. Sometimes they are filed by employees who believe they have been discriminated against in the workplace. A recent study conducted by specialty insurer Hiscox, focused on this very thing in the United States.

Among other things the study found that businesses located in states that have laws that are more stringent than U.S. federal guidelines pertaining to employer obligations, were at a higher risk for being sued in relation to an employment matter.

The study also determined the risk that companies in the U.S. could be sued. In 2015, there is an 11.7 percent chance of it occurring. That number is 0.8 percent lower than the previous year when the percentage was 12.5 percent. The study administrator indicated the difference could be due to the fact that the most recent study was more comprehensive than the previous year. Accordingly, states without much in the way of employee lawsuit activity likely pulled the percentage down a bit.
Though the state of Maryland was not identified as being one of the top states in the nation when it comes to employment lawsuits, this does not mean that such claims are not filed. When they are it is vital that the business has a plan of action in place. This plan should provide guidance to employees on how to proceed and to the employer regarding how to react. Employment lawyers can help create and when necessary, execute those plans.

Because every situation is different it is hard to know how a case of this nature will work out. This makes it even more important for an employer to have a knowledgeable attorney on its side.