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Prince George's County School District Has Part-Time Openings

The economy may have impacted the hiring decisions of Prince George’s County Public Schools, if a recent job announcement is any indication.

According to local administrators, the school district has more than 50 part-time positions available, including bus drivers, food service cleaners, and also specialized education providers such as physical or speech therapists. Notably, many of the part-time positions have full-time benefits, including medical insurance and optional retirement contributions.

Across the country, many employers are finding it more economical to offer part-time positions instead of traditional full-time positions. In many instances, the employer is not required to provide health insurance to part-time employees. Under Obamacare, one benchmark an employer might use in determining its health insurance coverage obligations is whether an employee is working over 30 hours per week.

In this particular case, an employment law attorney might agree that it’s unusual for a part-time position to come with health benefits. Although some applicants might need more than a part-time income, the additional perks offered by the Prince George’s County school district might make the option more feasible.

The exact offering of benefits offered by an employer is usually presented in the employment agreement. By signing that contract, an employee evidences his or her acceptance of the terms of the offer. Of course, certain employment protections cannot be waived by contract, as in the case of unpaid family or medical leave that satisfies certain requirements. To provide further context, an employer might offer additional explanations in its publications to employees, such as an employee handbook.

Source:, “Prince George's County Public Schools Want to Hire You ASAP,” Molly Greenberg