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NLRB Decision Changes Joint Employer Status Standard

There are many matters that businesses must address to be successful. Some of those matters include staying abreast of laws that pertain to their employees. The failure to adhere to the employment laws in place could result in costly litigation. Because employment laws are always changing it is important that businesses stay aware of those changes so they don't inadvertently violate any laws.

A recent ruling from a U.S. federal labor regulator could impact employers that employ contract workers and temporary employees, throughout the nation. At the heart of the case was a request from a Teamsters local union that for the purpose of bargaining for subcontracted workers, a waste management business, as well as a staffing firm that provided temporary workers to the business, be considered joint employers. The National Labor Relations Board granted that request. The decision consequently expands the standard for joint employer status.

Throughout the nation businesses utilize temporary workers to meet their labor needs. Temporary employees are appealing to many businesses because their use makes it easier to increase or decrease the number of workers they have, as needed. Businesses in Maryland that could be affected by the NLRB decision include those that contract with a staffing firm to get employees.

It is possible that the NLRB decision could lead to Maryland employers facing litigation they may not have in the past. Accordingly, it is even more important that businesses are paying close attention when making decisions pertaining to their treatment of temporary employees and contract workers. Working with an employment lawyer is a good way to do that.