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McNamee Hosea Hosts Summer Interns to Assist in Bankruptcy Department

Over the summer, McNamee Hosea hosted three summer interns, Edom Solomon of Elizabeth Seton High School, Maya Bickel and Melany Moran of John F. Kennedy High School to help in our Bankruptcy Department assisting Chapter 7 Trustee Janet M. Nesse.

These three intelligent young ladies were assigned to shadow and support Ms. Nesse with various projects within the bankruptcy department, with a focus on Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases and Trustee related representation. They received insight and experiences related to personal and business bankruptcy filings, administration of cases, and were able to receive firsthand accounts of bankruptcy filers during 341 Meeting of Creditors and Hearings related to various bankruptcy litigation. They gained experience working in a professional setting and learned the importance of how businesses create community within the organization. In addition, the interns also learned the importance of giving back to the local community by assisting with the annual ‘Back to School’ Charity efforts in which the firm participates. 

The President of Elizabeth Seton High School, Sister Ellen Marie Hagar, recently wrote Ms. Nesse a letter thanking her for making is possible for students to “demonstrate their interests through a summer internship,” adding that it is “extremely advantageous for them, as it gives students a chance to see the reality of the work place and the absolute necessity for a strong work ethic.”

We would like to thank all of our Summer Interns for all of your help and support this year. We are very grateful for all of your enthusiasm and assistance.