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Employers Can Avoid Potential Problems With Legal Support

The relationship between employers and employees can be a fragile one. When there are no issues with wages, hours, employment contracts, harassment or discrimination, this relationship can be quite smooth and stable.

However, if a dispute arises, it can quickly pit employees and employers against one another. If and when this happens, legal claims, courtroom hearings and settlement negotiations may not be far behind. This is why it can be crucial for employers to seek legal guidance when developing workplace practices or at least as soon as there may be a conflict.

There are a number of stages when it could be appropriate for employers or business owners to reach out for legal support. 

When a business is starting up, employers will want to be sure they establish and enforce lawful application and hiring policies that do not violated the rights of potential employees. 
When a business is growing, it can be important to revisit employment practices to ensure they are still effective. It can also be a good time to consider developing employment contracts and renegotiate executive contracts, especially if restructuring or acquisitions are involved.

If a business is shrinking or going through a difficult time, employers may need to seek legal guidance if they need to terminate or lay off employees to avoid claims of wrongful termination. 

A company can also benefit from legal representation if an employee makes a claim that he or she has been the victim of discrimination or harassment in the workplace. 
Our law firm understands that your company's success and reputation can be on the line when it comes to disputes with employees. We can work with you to discuss your options and rights as business owner or employer so that you can avoid or minimize the impact of legal conflicts. 

Employers in Maryland or Virginia who are interested in learning more about the many ways that the attorneys at McNamee, Hosea, Jernigan, Kim, Greenan & Lynch, P.A. can help are invited to visit the employment litigation page on our website.