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How to Avoid Employment Litigation

Employment disputes of any kind can prove to be very costly to employers. The time and money it takes to deal with a legal claim in court takes away from the time and money that could be spent on the company itself, and this can lead to serious problems for a business.

This is why it can be crucial for employers to take steps to avoid disputes and work toward a swift resolution in the event that an issue does require legal intervention. For example, in regards to discrimination, employers can do two things to protect themselves from costly litigation: create anti-discrimination workplace policies and proactively seek resolutions in the event that a claim is filed. 

Many discrimination claims can be avoided if employers have strict anti-discrimination policies in place and consistently enforce them. These preventative measures can serve to protect the interests of a company in both the short- and long-term. However, arguments can still arise.

Discrimination disputes can be particularly contentious. An employee may feel that he or she has been the victim of discrimination at work based on gender, race, religion, age or disability and aggressively pursue and present any evidence to support his or her position.

An employer often has to take a careful approach to crafting a defense as it can be quite easy for an employee, community or media outlet to side with the alleged victim. Defending against an accusation of discrimination can require an approach that is sensitive, creative, aggressive, persuasive and in the best interests of a company.

Trying to identify this type of solution can be very difficult, especially without the guidance and support of a law firm that has experience working with employers in these situations. The employment litigation attorneys at McNamee, Hosea, Jernigan, Kim, Greenan & Lynch, P.A. understand the importance of protecting a business in legal matters and can help employers identify appropriate resolutions in order to minimize or avoid the costly and damaging consequences of a legal battle.

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