Contract Drafting & Negotiation


Contract Drafting & Negotiation

Protecting your Bottom Line through Contract Preparation, Review and Negotiations

From a baseless defect claim to a complex contract claim, or when you just need to get paid, we can assist in projects from the preliminary planning and contract negotiation phase all the way through until project completion and beyond. We work with businesses large and small, not only to resolve disputes, but to prevent them in the first place, because we believe, the best way to resolve disputes is to avoid them. We know that careful contract negotiation and drafting is crucial to ensure that the roles, responsibilities and risks are appropriately allocated between the contracting parties. To that end, we review and negotiate contracts before you sign them to ensure you are fully protected. Sometimes, it’s these small contractual details that carry the most weight if and when disputes arise. We work to ensure our clients are fully aware of exactly what they are signing before they sign. 

We also help prevent disputes by tailoring your own contracts in order to fully protect you. This allows you to tend to your business and gives your business the freedom to grow to its full potential.  We can do all of this while making sure that your bottom line is protected.  We also understand your business’s needs and we are willing to work as much, or as little as you’d like, but always to your satisfaction. We recognize that a satisfied client will be a loyal client.     

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