Real Estate Tax Appeals


Real Estate Tax Appeals

Successful Representation for Assessments and Appeals

In Maryland, real property is assessed every three years by the State Department of Assessment and Taxation (SDAT), except that which is specifically exempt. The assessment appeal process is available to allow property owners the opportunity to dispute the value of their property determined by SDAT.  

Property tax liability can be substantial, especially for commercial real estate. In some cases, you may want to challenge an unfair or questionable tax assessment through the assessment appeals process. Having one of McNamee Hosea’s real estate tax appeal attorneys review your current property tax situation can help you determine if you have grounds for an appeal and ensure that you receive the best chance at a fair assessment.

Our real estate tax appeal attorneys have successfully represented clients in appeals at both the county and state level - obtaining refunds or reductions in assessed values or savings on current and future tax bills.   They often advise clients regarding property tax consequences associated with real estate acquisition and development. 

Because we are a full-service business law firm, our real estate tax appeal attorneys are able to leverage our comprehensive range of legal services and talent to fulfill your needs related to potential tax appeals.

Dedicated and Experienced Real Estate Tax Appeal Attorneys 

If the fair market value of your property has fallen significantly below the taxable value listed on your property tax assessment, you may want to consider an appeal.  We invite you to contact one of our real estate tax appeal attorneys at 301-441-2420 to prepare a cost/benefit analysis for your property to determine whether an appeal is appropriate for your current situation.  

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