Administrative Law


Administrative Law

We Fight to Protect Your Hard Work & Investment

When you receive your professional license, you will want to enjoy the labor and rewards of your chosen profession. Your license shows that you are considered legally competent to work in your profession provided you comply with all laws and rules that govern your occupation. At McNamee Hosea, our administrative law attorneys can help protect your professional license if you are facing disciplinary action or the threat of suspension.

Your professional license is your bread and butter. The hard work you put in, the money spent on education, the money required to be granted a license and the legal hurdles you had to overcome to form a business show how valuable your license is to you and your family. Protecting your status is of the utmost importance. To have that status jeopardized would be highly regrettable.

Our administrative law attorneys work hard to ensure that your license remains in good standing. We can help you in a variety of professional areas, including:

We Provide Representation in Front of Licensing Agencies

Numerous important occupations are subject to regulation by their own licensing agencies. These bodies are created by statute and are empowered to monitor licenses and conduct proceedings. Licensed professionals have a vested interest in their license, and have a right to due process in actions affecting its status and validity. The protection and assertion of these due process safeguards become our responsibility at McNamee Hosea.

Our administrative law attorneys insist on a timely notice of any proceedings challenging your license, and we make sure that you and any witnesses appearing on your behalf have an opportunity to be heard. We see to the filing of documents and presentation of evidence before the appropriate board.

Do Not Face a Licensing Board Alone

A board's adverse ruling can have life-changing repercussions for you and your family. This makes it all the more important that you retain our experienced, quality counsel to prepare your case. We will collect and present evidence, conduct persuasive cross-examination, and offer convincing rebuttal witnesses at all hearings. We do all this and more.

Contact an Experienced Administrative Law Attorney

We understand everything that you risk losing if you are facing disciplinary action. We want to know how we can help you with your current legal situation. Contact our professional administrative law attorneys to meet with us at one of our office locations in Maryland or Virginia. Find out why we are knows as the "business owner's law firm" and put our attorneys to work for you.

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