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Working with a Lawyer Can Keep Employment Litigation to a Minimum

Business owners know a lot goes into making and keeping that business successful. While having a product or service that is in demand is of course a vital part of keeping a company going, equally important is how the business is run. Minimizing legal exposure can have a great impact on the bottom line. Matters leading to litigation could arise in many areas of the business, including where employees are concerned.

 When a business faces an employee complaint it is vital that employers take action promptly to address the matter. This is true regardless of whether the matter concerns claims of discrimination or sexual harassment, or an employment contract. At McNamee Hosea, we understand this and help employers resolve employment issues that arise before they become bigger than they need to be.
In addition to providing guidance on how to handle employment issues appropriately when they do occur, we also provide employers guidance on how to avoid employment issues in the first place.

To try to avoid employment issues altogether, and because we know we the way in which that matter is handled could have a great bearing on the outcome of a complaint, we help employers create and review employment applications as well as employment and severance agreements. We also assist in the design and implementation of policies and procedures along with employee handbooks.