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John P. Lynch Named to December 2004 Washingtonian Magazine's Top Civil Litigation Lawyers List

December 2004 Washingtonian Top Lawyers Washingtonian Magazine 


Washington is home to some of the world's best lawyers... 
Save this list-you never know when you'll be arrested, Get served with a subpoena, need a new will, Get a divorce, or worse.

Here's Who to Call

Washington has lots of legal talent in every practice area. To help answer the question "Who are you going to call?" we have compiled a list of top lawyers in legal specialties that readers are most likely to need. The list includes lawyers from Rockville to Woodbridge. It includes attorneys who can help if you need a divorce, have a brother who has been arrested or grandparent with Social Security problems, or wake-up and find you name splashed across the front page of the Washington Post. Washington creates unusual legal problems. You never know when you or your employer is going to become the subject of a prosecutor's interest or a congressional hearing.

To compile this list we contacted hundreds of attorneys in each of the specialties and asked which lawyer in their field-other than themselves-they would trust with their business. Lawyers with the most recommendations made the list.

Lawyers are listed under the categories for which they are best known, but their practices are often much broader.



Nothing is more aggravating than finding that you are being sued. Unlike the plaintiff, you will have to pay by the hour-typically $300 to $500 per. It seems unfair and promotes quick settlements at the expense of justice and fairness. Here are some of the best lawyers on the defense side.

John P. Lynch

McNamee, Hosea, Jernigan, Kim, Greenan; Greenbelt, Maryland