McNamee Hosea News & Press — 2013


Employment Dispute Results In Player's Suspension

August 2013

Major League Baseball fans may have heard the recent media coverage regarding Ryan Braun. The left fielder and third baseman for the Milwaukee Brewers won the National League’s MVP award in 2011, and he was a potential ballot pick for the Baseball Hall of Fame. Full Article
Employer Criticized For Its Employment Agreement

July 2013

​The popularity of reality television shows has extended to many segments of the industry, from Wall Street to aspiring fashion designers to chefs. Maryland readers may recall the Kitchen Nightmares show, hosted by chef Gordon Ramsay. Full Article
Can A Prospective Employer Be Sued For Retaliation?

July 2013

Readers of this employment law post have read about preventative measures that employers and employees should look for before executing employment agreements​. The nature of the employment relationship and whether cause is required for termination are examples of features that many employees might wish they had reviewed in more depth at the outset. Full Article