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Discrimination and social networks: New industry, old problems

It may be hard to remember what life was like before websites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat were a regular part of our day. Today, hardly an afternoon goes by without people sharing something on a social network or browsing through the statuses and pictures of others.

However, social networking sites like these are relatively new. After all, Facebook was founded only about 10 years ago, and countless other social networking sites have emerged since then. This booming industry thrives on what is fresh and innovative, but it is also struggling with challenges that have affected workplaces across the country for decades, including discrimination.

Before signing an employment contract, know your rights

Many people would agree that speaking with an attorney before signing a legal document is a good idea. However, it is not uncommon for people to sign or agree to the terms of a contract without necessarily realizing that they may want to consult an attorney.

Some people may even feel a bit desensitized when it comes to contracts. After all, we are asked to agree to things all the time, from the conditions to download software to a multi-year commitment with a cable company. Because of this, people may not appreciate the serious nature of signing documents like an employment contract.

Employers: Know the exceptions to the at-will presumption

We have discussed the concept of at-will employment on this blog before and readers should know that most employment relationships fall into this category. Essentially, it means that the employer and employee are not required to have cause when terminating the relationship.

However, there are some critical exceptions to this rule. If employers are not aware of these exceptions, they could end up facing serious legal problems if an employee files a wrongful termination claim. In this post, we want to remind employers of a few of these exceptions.

How same-sex marriage laws impact workers' rights

Since 2013, same-sex couples have been able to be legally married in Maryland. This development in conjunction with the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling that declared parts of the Defense of Marriage Act unconstitutional have resulted in an environment where gay and lesbian couples have more rights and protections than ever.

However, some companies have been slow to update their policies regarding LGBT workers and their rights as employees. One such issue that has arisen as a result is the potential for workers in same-sex marriages to face discrimination when trying to access benefits.

Maryland wage and hour laws many people may not be aware of

We often discuss wage and hours disputes or issues that affect employers and employees across Maryland in this blog. The most common topics that we discuss in this subject are those involving minimum wage compliance and unpaid overtime.

However, there are many other types of violations and rules in regards to what a person earns through employment. In this post, we will look at some wage and hour laws that set rules for issues with which people may be less familiar. Violations of any of these laws can lead to serious employment disputes that can prove to be quite costly.

Discriminatory practices prove to be quite costly for business

Discriminating against employees based on their gender, race, religion, age or disability can get an employer in some serious legal trouble. In some cases, employers may feel like they are not doing anything wrong or they are may argue that they were unaware that certain discriminatory acts were taking place. However, these claims can quickly come under fire if and when an employee files a lawsuit citing discrimination.

That appears to be the case for one company and seven former employees. Although the case was heard in another state, it can serve as a serious reminder to employers and employees all across Maryland that discrimination can prove to be a costly mistake.

Does your partnership agreement address these business issues?

Starting your own business is extremely difficult; starting it alone can make things even more challenging. This is why many people choose to work with at least one business partner.

In an article on our website, we discuss the important of having a well-drafted partnership agreement. Without this critical document, the success of a business could be in danger and a business owner's rights, responsibilities and financial obligations could be dramatically impacted. In order to protect yourself, the business and the interests of your partners, it can be crucial to have a clear and enforceable partnership agreement in place.

Can I be fired for something I wrote in an email?

Privacy is something that every person takes very seriously, and we often go to great lengths to protect our privacy. Unfortunately, violations of privacy happen all too often, especially these days when so much of our personal and professional information is kept and can be accessed online.

People may understand that they have a reasonable expectation of privacy when it comes to things like their personal email accounts and banking information. However, in the workplace, people generally do not have the same right to privacy that they have in their home. This can create some complications and misunderstandings when an employee is fired or penalized for something he or she wrote in an email.

The limitations and freedoms employers have regarding wages

Every worker in Maryland depends on the income they earn at their jobs, which is why it is crucial for employers to be in compliance with strict wage and hours laws. Failure to properly compensate workers can turn into a very messy legal battle that can take a lot of time and money to resolve.

In previous blog posts, we have explored the importance of understanding minimum wage laws, overtime rules and even child labor restrictions. In this post, we will look at some of the more general limitations and freedoms employers have when it comes to wage standards in Maryland.

Employment disputes can be resolved in several ways

Arguments between employers and employees can be very unpleasant. Even when they start as minor disagreements, employment disputes can escalate to being complicated courtroom battles. 

There are many different ways that disputes can be resolved, but each solution can come with legal challenges and issues that can be difficult for any person to understand, anticipate and tackle without a thorough understanding of state and federal employment laws. 

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